A little about me..

Hello! My name is Emily, and I am one hot mess mom to a 3 year old, Sterling, and 1 year old, Greyson. Man, do they reeeally know how to keep me on my toes. I try to be as carefree as possible but I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit of a helicopter mom. I’m not really sure how great I am at this parenting thing, but I do know that I try semi-hard to keep the house moderately clean, and the kids somewhat happy. And so far, that’s okay with me.

I feel like I’m a bit different than most moms I meet in real life. Just to warn you, I’m goofy as hell and in the words of my husband, an absolute oddball. I have the mouth of a sailor (but try pretty hard to keep that contained around the kids), and if you ever talk to me in person, you might hear me butcher at least 4 different sayings. Not sure why, but I seem to especially excel at that last statement. There are SOME redeemable traits about me though! I’m also bubbly, optimistic, and I try to see the joy and humor in all aspects of life. I try to be as transparent as possible to show who I truly am as a person, so I hope you like all of me.

I’ve lived in the Boise area my whole life, but spent a good few years in Colorado while my husband was stationed at an Air Force Base. Aurora, CO was where I became a first time mom with my rainbow baby, and where I met some of the greatest people in my life. In 2017 after being away for almost four years, my little family of three moved back to the Treasure Valley. We grew our family by another little babe, and have been chilling here since.